“A young London artist and photographer whose thought and work return to recurrent themes: exploring both spatial composition and human connections. The combination of regard for form and light — for their own sake — with a deep interest in people, portraits, families and human interaction is relatively unusual. This gives her much scope for exploration and experimentation — a journey she has barely begun.”

My approach when producing a photograph is to be unobtrusive, sympathetic and delicate. I like my images to be reminiscent of the atmosphere from a time the photograph was taken. I want the viewer to feel the way I felt when in the depth of that moment; the smell, the emotion, the relationship I had with the place, person or thing. There isn’t a pretentious or artificial aspect but instead it is a representation of my own felt emotion, and presence. I use various techniques from multiple exposures, post production manipulation to manipulating of the camera in order to convey this.

My work is predominantly focused on the landscape and the impractical, adoring and complex relationship we have with it.


Solo Exhibitions

[2014] 作画 ‘Hua’, Footfall Art, London, UK

[2011] Ubiquity, THECUBE London, London, UK

Group Exhibitions

[2016] Arte a Cascano, Tenuta de Cascano, Terracina, Italy

[2014] More Than One Point In Space, TriSpace Gallery, London, UK

[2013] Colour.It, Palazzo Ducale, Atina, Italy

[2012] Accidental Festival 2012, The Accidental Festival, London, UK

[2012] Art Grab Launch, Art Grab, London, UK

[2010] BA Fine Art Degree Show, Camberwell College of Art, London, UK

[2009] The Big Ink, Amersham Arms, London, UK

[2009] Trinity Buoy Wharf, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, UK

[2009] Fiohb Bhoif (Guerrilla Art Performance), London Bridge, London, UK

[2008] Your Space or Mine, Nolias Gallery, London, UK

Curated Exhibitions

[2013] Wildermenn, House Gallery, London, UK

[2013] Synesthesia, Darnley Gallery, London, UK

[2012] Exhibit a; , The Parlour Gallery, London, UK

[2011- 2012] I am London, THECUBE London, London, UK

[2011] Right there, right then – Bex Singleton, THECUBE London, London, UK

[2010 – 2011] Projective Drawings – Benjamin Buckley, THECUBE London, London, UK

[2010] Hold on to More – Josephine Chime, THECUBE London, London, UK


[2016] Arte a Cascano, Terracina, Italy

[2013] Colour.it, Atina, Italy


[2014] The State of Art – I & SS #1, Bare Hill Publishing, UK


Prizes and Awards

[2014] shortlisted for the Reach – Visual Arts Prize



[2011 – 2012] Cultural Curator & Events Planning, Mapalim Apprenticeship, London, UK

[2007 – 2010] BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography, Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK

[2006 – 2007] Art Foundation Diploma, Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK