• Unspoken Tresspasses

    I began an exploratory and experimental journey with my camera, over 10 months which were based on my interests in the idea that the camera is seen as a tool of power. A tool that allows the person behind it to violate those who stand before it. With permission I visited a friend, who I previously hadn't seen in over a year, almost every day a week for 10 months. I went to her work, her home, came along on family visits and dates, whilst picking up my camera at random moments throughout the day documenting her. When I started to produce images I watched my relationship with the subject both in front of the camera and behind it had changed. It became one of a more intimate relationship and the initial violence of my presence armed with a camera had begun to subside. I found myself feeling more passionate about the natural progression of where the relationship between the subject and I developed on the camera. The images became softer, less focused and gentle. They became not only descriptive of our growing relationship, but also of our trust. The camera was no longer seen as a violent intrusion but as an extension to our friendship.