Arte a Cascano – Terracina, Italy


For two weeks, this July, I took part in the art residency program Arte a Cascano, which is run by Stella Whalley & Randy Jones.  The program is designed for artists to pursue their particular art form while surrounded by the inspiring landscape and history of Terracina, Italy.

Whilst on the residency I took a liking to a copy of the oil painting La Madonna di San Sisto by Italian Renaissance painter Raffaello Sanzio. With the beautiful setting of Randy’s farmhouse, and with access to his collection of authentic and well preserved vintage clothing and fabrics, I re-created the old masterpiece using live subjects.

I felt the need to inject references that revealed the re-mastering of the renaissance masterpiece by a fine art photographer of the 21st century. This is evident in not just the medium used (photography) but by the mention of today’s technology culture. I also exaggerated these points by quickly and crudely editing and manipulating the image.

Here are some images of the preparation:

My work was exhibited at the end of the residency:

DSC_0122 copy

Big thanks to:
Randy Jones, Stella Whalley, Leanne Elliot, James Belle, James Haggas, Sajita Thapa, & Selma Osbourne.

Book: The State of Art – Landscape & Portrait #1

The newly released book The State of Art – Landscape & Portrait #1 by Bare Hill Publishing features my work 作画 ‘Hua’ along with the works of 40 other artists.

The State of Art – Landscape & Portrait #1
Edited by Andy Laffan, Chris Hodson and Robin Laffan.
Softcover, 10.8″ x 8″ (27.6cm x 20.3cm)

41 Landscape & Portrait Artists

154 full colour pages, 209 illustrations including artist statements and biographies.

This is the sixth book in The State of Art, art book series and explores some of the more traditional subjects and techniques that artists are seeking to represent. The title alludes to the format of an image as well as the composition of the subject matter, with many artists
maintaining a much more traditional approach.

Daniel Williams, Kirsty Wain, Bruce Williams, Jean Gillespie, Susan Mackay, James Daniel Devlin, Peter Clarke, Philippa Beale, Julia Romano, Valeriya Yanushevskaya, Robert P. Clarke, Siobhan Tarr, Sharon Griffin, Val Andrews, Petra Stenvall, Alison Edwards, Ronis Varlaam, John Devane, Dj, Jane Walker, John Shanks, Mike Leale, Dave Morgan-Davies, Paul Gorman, James Reynolds, Deborah Westmancoat, Sarah Stolar, Caroline Jane Harris, The Flowerbeds (Anita Duller, & Hannah Stippl), Cate Inglis, Philip Westcott, Aled Simons, James Elliott Dixon, Anna Didik, Karoline Hinz, Sujata Majumdar, Gabrielle Cooper, Sam White, Kenji Lim, Katarzyna Jablonska and Paul McCloskey


ISBN 978-1-909825-08-6
RRP £24.99 £18.74+ Postage & Packing.

To purchase click HERE

Shortlisted for the Reach Prize

I made it through to the shortlist for the Reach- New Visual Art Prize but sadly did not win. It would’ve been lovely to exhibit alongside well known names but I am still thrilled to have been shortlisted.

Reach is part of the prestigious Art for Youth London exhibition, run yearly at the Royal College of Art to raise money for UK Youth ( in the last 25 years it has raised over 1 million pounds).

It allows emerging artists to be exhibited alongside well known artist- artists who have been involved in the exhibition include Tracy Emin, Ken Howard, Tom Coates, Mary Fedden, Frank Bowling MBE and many others. Work is also seen by an audience of critics, buyers and other artists. For some artists, such as Iranian painter, Afshin Naghouni, it has been an important springboard in reaching an international career and solo exhibitions. It could be the break you need to reach the next level of your career.

The prize is judged by a steering group including representatives from the Southbank & the V & A as well as the Creative Director of Art for Youth London, Caitlin Mavroleon . The winner is displayed in the exhibition and their work will be for sale.

作画 ‘Hua’ | June showcase

The early works of series 作画 ‘Hua’ is currently being exhibited with Footfall Art.

Details below:

Hua 1

June Showcase:
Gabrielle Cooper

15th June – 6th July 2014

For Footfall Art, Gabrielle presents photography series, 作画’ (Hua), Chinese for ‘painting’ or ‘to draw’. This work is deeply inspired by her Grandfather, Arthur Cooper, and his work as a renowned translator of Chinese poetry in the 1970’s.

Currently taking rural Scotland as her setting, 作画’ (Hua) captures landscape through the lens in ways that mimic a sense of sublime expressed in China’s ancient painting style. Specifically interested in the ambiguity of such works, she denies a sense of place, and uses photographic techniques to create an atmosphere reminiscent of surreal and romantic imagery.

Gabrielle Cooper was born 1987 in Kingston, Jamaica. Based in London, she graduated in 2010 from Camberwell College of Arts with a Fine Art Photography degree, and is the founder of creative support network,  Leap Into the Void – Arts.

Footfall Art x

About Footfall Art: A window showcase of emerging artists for the passing world to see, all day and all night. In September 2013 Hannah Luxton founded and launched Footfall Art in collaboration with Macai Ltd – a large, independent organisation. Through the Footfall Art project they are now supporting the arts by offering their office window space at 14 Jamaica Road, London for exhibition.